Pewter casting equipment with silicone rubber for mould making, used for casting Tin jewellery

South Crofty Collection
Tin ingots recovered from ship wrecks around Cornish coast
Tin smelting using ore mined from the old South Crofty Cornish tin mine.
South Crofty Tin jewellery
P300 Nicem Vulcaniser supplied to South Crofty. Will vulcanise up to 300 mm diameter moulds


Nicem C300 Pilot casting machine supplied to South Crofty


Mould making training by Nicem technician at South Crofty


NICEM Pewter casting equipment and silicone rubber for mould making, has recently been supplied to the South Crofty Collection based near Truro in Cornwall.

The South Crofty Collection manufacture a unique jewellery collection which is made from tin mined many years ago in Cornwall. The tin ore is from the old South Crofty mine, stockpiled prior to its closure in 1998 and stored on site for the Collection’s exclusive use. It is smelted on site when required for tin jewellery manufacture.

The South Crofty Collection decided to upgrade their Tin jewellery casting operation with the latest Nicem Pewter casting equipment and silicone rubber for mould making. Training for mould making was provided by an experienced Nicem technician (Luca) over a 2 day period. This resulted in a high level of castings being achieved in a short period of time, allowing the South Crofty Collection to streamline their process to managed the increased demand for the jewellery.

All South Crofty Jewellery personal were trained to use NICEM’s wide range of high quality silicone rubbers. They learnt more about low temperature orange silicone, which allows more metal masters to be made. This rubber has a very low contraction (0.3%), vulcanising at only 90C. It can also be used with resin 3D masters to make moulds.

NICEM Pewter casting equipment and silicone rubber for mould making, and the training and insights provided by NICEM, were invaluable to the South Crofty Collection, helping to support the on-going success of the company.

Heather Vinter, Head of Sales at the South Crofty Collection, said “Chris and Luca were brilliant. The expertise they shared with us is really going to help us take the collection to the next level.”