TOTAL PROCESS The ‘CEROFIN‘ Mass Finishing system is a complete easy to manage process, comprising of Step 0 –  “Magnetic Pin‘ finisher with pins to polish difficult to access parts of jewellery pieces, (not required unless jewellery    design requires this process) Step 1 – “Disc Finishing” machine (or Vibro Finishing machine) with media […]

CERTUS INVESTMENT POWDERS – for high quality jewellery casting

          We carry a small stock, and can supply either from this or larger volumes direct by road freight from Certus, Turkey. Also supplied is:  SIMGA for brass and bronze casting,                             FERROVEST for platinum casting Please look […]

Neutec STUDIO PLUS lasers discounted prices

Tabletop Jewellery laser welder

Studio Plus 100 Joule laser
Studio Plus 125 Joule laser
Studio Plus 150 Joule laser

Pewter casting equipment with silicone rubber for mould making, used for casting Tin jewellery

      NICEM Pewter casting equipment and silicone rubber for mould making, has recently been supplied to the South Crofty Collection based near Truro in Cornwall. The South Crofty Collection manufacture a unique jewellery collection which is made from tin mined many years ago in Cornwall. The tin ore is from the old South Crofty […]

Jewellery polishing compounds

  LUXI is a world leader in “clean to use” jewellery polishing compounds, consisting of water based materials, and vegetable fats, which allow polishers to polish jewellery with little mess, no hazards, no oxides, low metal loss, low compound usage with an easy to clean off residue which only needs 1 minute in an ultrasonic […]