• Avalon tabletop “Disc Finishing” machine for No 1 wet process – scratch removal


  • Avalon tabletop “Vibro Finishing” machine for 2nd – smoothing cycle, and 3rd final stage –  super shine finishing

    The ‘CEROFIN‘ Mass Finishing system is a complete easy to manage process, comprising of

Step 0 –  “Magnetic Pin‘ finisher with pins to polish difficult to access parts of jewellery pieces, (not required unless jewellery    design requires this process)

Step 1 – “Disc Finishing” machine (or Vibro Finishing machine) with media for 1st stage scratch removal,

Step 2 –  “Vibro Finishing” machine with ceramic media for 2nd stage smoothing cycle with ceramic media and compound

Step 3 –  “Vibro Finishing” machine for final stage polishing *super shine” with ceramic media and liquid compound.


  • The “Vibro finishing” machine can be used for all 3 stages, which lowers the cost of the equipment required
  • More details are shown on our website pages.
  • Please see AVALON’s video of the complete process below: